14 Newfoundland Canine Execs & Cons to Know Earlier than You Get One

It’s laborious to imagine that there was a time when this canine was going through extinction, given it’s a kind of breeds that caters to nearly each household want. The Newfoundland canine isn’t solely large and powerful but additionally loyal to the core.

Immediately’s article will concentrate on the upside in addition to the draw back of proudly owning this canine. And to reply your questions, we’ll be discussing their grooming wants, likability amongst children, relationship with different pets, feeding habits, well being considerations, and extra importantly, their character traits.

In case you’ve been planning to undertake a Newfoundland sooner or later, you would possibly wish to seize a seat. A few of the issues that you just’ll study right here could assist making a decision.

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The 14 Execs & Cons of Proudly owning a Newfoundland Canine

The Execs

1. Newfies Don’t Thoughts Spending Most of Their Time Indoors

Strange canine love spending time outside. The urge to discover the world whereas roaming freely is one thing that’s embedded of their DNA, because it stimulates them bodily and mentally. However the Newfie isn’t any peculiar breed.

Though they love being a part of numerous outside actions, given the choice, they might quite spend time with you at dwelling. After all, getting them outside for train is significant—and so they’ll love each second of it.

2. They Don’t Howl or Bark A lot

Canine often talk utilizing completely different sounds. In case you hear them howl, they’re in all probability bored, making an attempt to get your consideration, or simply saying their presence within the room. We’ve additionally heard some howl to mimic high-pitched sounds of their neighborhood, reminiscent of musical devices and sirens.

Barking is usually related to concern, however we’re guessing you already knew that. The purpose is that Newfies hardly ever howl or bark. You’ll by no means get complaints from neighbors, or not have the ability to sleep as a result of they gained’t hold quiet. In case your Newfie is unusually vocal, there’s possible a problem at hand.

a newfoundland dog standing on grass
Picture Credit score: Roman-Zaiets, Shutterstock

3. Newfies Don’t Require A lot Train

Bodily train is simply as helpful to canine as it’s to us. In case you hold them disengaged from any bodily exercise for too lengthy, the chance of well being points will exponentially develop. They might additionally expertise muscle atrophy and a lower of their bone density.

Fortunate for you, you don’t need to spend greater than an hour per day exercising your Newfie. They solely require 30 to 40 minutes at most, to remain in form. Some breeds demand extra hours, seeing as they have been initially bred to work.

4. They Are Adaptable

By definition, adaptability is the inherent capability of a species to widen its capability, to make it simpler to deal with various levels of change. Subsequently, if we have been to go by that logic, we’d say an adaptable breed is a canine that’s prepared to change its behavioral traits to suit a state of affairs, quite than attempt to change the state of affairs.

This won’t be one thing that you concentrate on whereas scouting for an acceptable household pet, however it’s necessary. And the Newfie ticks this field by being an especially adaptable pooch.

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Picture Credit score: YAN WEN, Shutterstock

5. Newfies Are Loyal

Most canine are extraordinarily loyal to their household. Nonetheless, what makes the Newfie completely different on this side is the diploma of loyalty that it has. They’re so loyal that they’re prepared to danger their very own lives, simply to save lots of yours.

There are tales of them leaping into tough sea waters—placing their very own lives in jeopardy—simply to save lots of their drowning companions.

6. They Are Protecting

As soon as that bond has been cast, there’s little that may break it. This canine is a fearless protector that comes with unimaginable stamina and an enormous bone construction. These canine are actually not aggressive, however they’ll do all they will to guard their household.

Newfoundland dog breed outdoors
Picture Credit score: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

7. They Are Straightforward to Prepare

The Newfie ranks on the upper percentile of an intelligence scale and is simple to coach. That being stated, seeing as we’re speaking a couple of gigantic breed, you must signal them up for an obedience class whereas they’re nonetheless younger. Furthermore, for the coaching to be efficient, you must incorporate constructive reinforcement methods.

8. Newfies Love Children

Regardless of its large measurement, this canine is tender-hearted. It’s additionally very affected person and tolerant. These traits are the explanation why they’re widespread amongst children, particularly those that are nonetheless too younger to know higher.

However you continue to have to show your children to respect their private areas and deal with them proper. Leaving them alone for prolonged durations of time can be discouraged, as this can be a big canine.

little boy petting a black newfoundland dog outdoors
Picture Credit score: rzoze19, Shutterstock

9. They Are Affectionate

Individuals typically assume these canine are aggressive and ill-tempered, given their sturdy construct. Solely to study after spending time with them that they’re truly light, bubbly, and one of the affectionate canine round. In case you’re available in the market looking for a big cuddly bear, you’ve actually discovered your excellent match.


The Cons of Proudly owning a Newfoundland

10. They Have a Brief Lifespan

Newfies don’t actually have an extended lifespan—as much as 10 years typically. However this doesn’t come as a shock, given most giant breeds don’t reside so long as the tiny pooches. We really feel like this can be a prime drawback, as no one would want to undertake a Newfie that’s already grown, having this data. In case you’d prefer to delay your companion’s life, get them one of the best meals, at all times take them to the vet for normal checkups, and enhance their dwelling circumstances.

two newfoundland dogs sitting on snow
Picture Credit score: Utekhina Anna, Shutterstock

11. Newfies Are Typically Harmful and Cussed

This kind of habits is preventable. In case your coaching routine was efficient, and so they have been launched to it from an early age, you don’t have anything to fret about. Their harmful nature sometimes hinges on their upbringing.

You could ensure that they’re at all times getting their day by day doses of bodily and psychological stimulation—boredom and separation anxiousness are each thought of main triggers of harmful habits.

12. Newfies Have a Enormous Urge for food

It’s essential replenish your pantry as if you’re prepping for a cataclysmic occasion if you happen to personal a Newfie. Or else, you’ll be compelled to make countless journeys to the shop! This breed isn’t as athletic as a hound, however as a consequence of its large measurement, it burns by energy quick. Simply don’t overfeed them, as that might result in weight problems.

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13. These Canine Are Giant!

When you could know this already, Newfies are giant! Let’s put it this manner; a Newfie isn’t the form of breed that you just’ll really feel comfy with round a toddler, unsupervised. Imagine it or not, they weigh greater than a median grownup and take up plenty of house. Earlier than bringing one of these giants home, it’s necessary to know what you’re stepping into.

14. They Drool Excessively

Compared to different breeds, the Newfie breed in all probability has the worst drooling habit. At first, it’s cute and all. However with time, they’ll drool throughout your carpets, sofa, mattress, chairs, and so forth.  Most of them begin drooling after 12 months, so simply be glad you gained’t need to cope with drool swimming pools earlier than then.

a newfoundland dog slobbering and drooling
Picture Credit score: JRJfin, Shutterstock



These canine are at all times calm, tender-hearted, clever, protecting, loyal, and adaptable. However they can also be stubborn and hostile at occasions, particularly in the event that they aren’t socialized. Drooling can be a serious concern amongst potential dad and mom, as they’re usually born with free lips that may’t maintain saliva.

Newfies do love spending time with children, however their large measurement makes them a possible hazard.

Featured Picture Credit score: Pandas, Shutterstock

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